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Rolex version V7 upgrade introduction

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1. The Green Water Ghost’s ceramic ring is closer to the original color, and it is lighter and brighter than the previous version.

2. The lettering on the inner circle is also finer and lighter.
3. The bezel platinum scale is more detailed, there is no obvious graininess, and the color is closer to the original platinum.
4. The inner circle lettering upgrade, with the same technology as the original, can see two notches in the inner and outer rings.

5. The sapphire glass edge cuts more smoothly.
6. Surface font reprinted, all changed to the latest version of the long ft font
7. The surface of the Luhui ghost is re-made and the color is closer to the original.
8. The strap edge is polished and upgraded.
9. When the water ghost extension buckle is opened, the inner side is replaced with the same black ceramic pellets.
10. The inner Rolex pattern of the buckle is changed to polished, consistent with the latest and original version; while the previous version of V6 (V6S) is frosted, there is no difference in the degree of simulation between matte and polished, because the genuine version will also have a version update. , so the matte and polished are possible, to compare friends, please see Figure 8 real shot contrast, thank you.
11. Luminous Beads upgrade, the inside cut corners of the Luminous Beads metal part now have, and the effect seems to be consistent with the original.